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Below is a selection of written communications received from patients (all of whom have become pregnant following microsurgical vasectomy reversal by Mr Swinn.

April 2024

Thank you Mr Swinn.

Attached a photo of... holding her little sister.

Redo vas rev, Exeter

January 2024

I want to thank doctor swinn and his team, my wife has fallen pregnant. 
I really appreciate everything. Thanks to everyone involved
7 years post vasectomy, Kent

December 2023

I don't think I ever wrote to update Mr. Swinn after my reversal operation. However now I have just realised this, I can report that on literally our first 'try', 2.5 weeks after the operation, my wife conceived! We were very surprised as based on the advice at the time of the operation we thought it would take months for things to heal and work properly.
We had a healthy baby boy who has now just turned one year old 😁

2 years post vasectony, Berkshire
_______________________________________________________________________________________________November 2023

You carried out a vasectomy reversal procedure in 2021 after having a vasectomy 18 years and 9 months early in December 2003. My wife fell pregnant a few months later but unfortunately miscarried twice in the early stages of pregnancy but in January of this year my wife fell pregnant  again . Last sunday she gave birth to our healthy beautiful  daughter.  We would  like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and expertise in making this happen.

18 years post vasectomy,  Surrey


September 2023

I did a test on Monday and I’m pregnant. I didn’t think it would happen that soon but we are both over the moon.

7 years post vasectomy, Kent


September 2023

I has a vasectomy reversal performed by Mr Swinn in 2022.
This was over 11 years after the  vasectomy.
I am now writing to tell you that our baby girl was born last weekend.
We are over the moon!
Please pass on our thanks again to Dr Swinn.  

11 years post vasectomy, Ireland


August 2023

Just to let you know you done a vasectomy reversal on me last July just to let you know it work and have beautiful boy born 28 /8-23 would like to thank you very much 

3 years post vasectony, Kent

________________________________________________________________________________________________June 2023

I am contacting you in regards to a vasectomy reversal procedure that you performed on me in May 2022.  With no other medical intervention, my wife is now 9 weeks pregnant! 
On behalf of my wife and I, Thank you! Your care and attention before, during, and after the procedure has led to this amazing outcome.  I know the prognosis post surgery wasn't that great for me, but things seemed to have worked out. 

13 years post vasectomy, London

________________________________________________________________________________________________June 2023

I have been meaning to email for a little while. I visited for a reversal procedure in October 2022, 7.5 years post vasectomy. 

I am delighted to confirm that my wife was confirmed as pregnant in March with a baby boy now due in November.

I would like to place on record, my gratitude to all involved. From the moment of enquiry right the way through the procedure, it was fantastic. 

Thank you for allowing us what we so desperately craved together.

7.5 years post vasectomy, Devon

_______________________________________________________________________________________________May 2023

Last year around June/July I booked in to have a vasectomy reversal, I decided that Mr Swinn was the man I wanted to carry out this procedure. 

I was told that it went well and that if my sperm count was good then It would be successful between 12-18 months after surgery. 

A few weeks ago my partner was very late and was starting to feel ill at the slightest smells and we decided to take a pregnancy test. 8 months after the surgery we were shocked and very happy to see that we are expecting our beautiful baby which is due in December. 

I’m absolutely over the moon that I have been given this chance to become a father again and feel really emotional that it was a success. 

I never got round to doing the sample as I was in the mind frame of what will be will be and I was scared to hear bad news. I am so very grateful to Mr Swinn for what he has done for both me and my partner. She does not have children so this is the best news and for her to finally be able to have a chance at being a mother has completely changed my life. Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this has changed our lives for the better. 

My partner is almost 12 weeks pregnant and we had a welfare scan last week where we were told the heart beat was perfect and the size of the baby is also where it should be. 

Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you Mr Swinn. 

I will be sure to write a review on the website over the next few weeks but I just wanted to reach out and share this news with the man who made it a possibility.

5 years post vasectomy, Warwickshire

April 2023

Had my op last spring to reverse vasectomy and happy to say baby due in August. After my partner removed her coil she was pregnant within a month. Happy days. 

Many thanks to you and all there.

3 years post vasectomy, London, 

January 2023

I just wanted to share the news with you and the team that following my procedure in March, my partner and I are delighted to be expecting our first child together. I’d like to give a big thank you to Dr Swinn and all involved for making this possible. Please pass on my thanks.

2 years post vasectomy, Cumbria

January 2023

Thought you'd like to see baby .... born 8th Dec, 7lb 3oz.

We are both ever so grateful for Mr swinn for his skillmaking this possible.

7-8 years post vasectomy, Kent

December 2022

I just wanted to let you and Mr. Swinn know, that my partner gave birth to a healthy little girl on the 29th November. We have called her ....

Many thanks to Mr. Swinn for making this possible. We are both very grateful.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.

13 years post vasectomy,  London

October 2022

 I am emailing with some wonderful news. On 30th September, my husband and I welcomed our little girl  to the world. 
My husband had his reversal at Gatwick Spire in December 2020. 
It took a whole year and was about to start fertility testing, when I fell pregnant naturally in January 2022. 
Thank-you so much. 
11 years post vasecomy, Bucks

April 2022

We are delighted to report that ... has fallen pregnant in only the second cycle after the operation :)
While its still very early days for this pregnancy (about 5 weeks) it's an amazing success for the procedure I had and I wanted to report this to Mr Swinn and thank him so much for the hope this has brought to us. Will keep you up to date and however things turn out we are truly grateful.
I have to confess that I totally failed to arrange the test that is due now in all the emotion of the last few weeks.
I do still intend to do it, and I will get it sorted after Easter.
7-8 years post vasectomy, Kent

February 2022 

Please convey our good news to Mr Swinn.

He reversed my vasectomy in 2019.

This was successful and, whilst we needed IVF, this was accomplished with ejaculated rather than surgically retrieved sperm – thus Mr Swinn’s operation was successful.

Our first pregnancy sadly miscarried, but we are ecstatic that a second one carried to term and a baby girl was born on 7/2/22.

We cannot thank you and your team enough.

10 years post vasectomy, Sussex

February 2022

I had a reversal vasectomy about 10 years ago in your spire hospital with Mr Swinn. Mr Swinn said it was a success but after testing for over two years they still showed low sperm or none. I drank alot and smoked but in the last 2 years I am in a new relationship and i have turned vegan stopped smoking and drinking and go the gym regularly. I just found out my new partner is pregnant, I am  over the moon and obviously its a shock to both of us as i thought i was infertile. If you can pass this great news to Mr Swinn and if you want to ask anymore questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
3.5 years post vasectomy, 

December 2021

About 3 years you performed a reversal on me.  I'm writing to let you know it worked perfectly. We've had 2 pregnancies - sadly one about 2 years ened in a miscarriage - but we are proud parents of a 6 month old boy ...

Thank you so much for your experetise.

8 years post vasectomy, Sussex

June 2021

Just wanted to drop you a note with my sincere thanks for your help, clearly the procedure was a resounding success as we had the pleasure of welcoming...to the world on 26thApril, a very healthy 8lb 10oz too!

We cannot thank you enough.

5 years post vasectomy, Sussex

April 2021

My husband and I wanted to let you know baby ... was born at 37 weeks on 27th March weighing 6lb 9oz. She is absolutly gorgeous with a mass of dark hair like her Daddy. His vasectomy was May 2012, Reversal July 11th 2020, Concieved July 25th 2020. Thank you so much for your skills in helping people start/ complete their families.

8 years post vasectomy, Sussex

March 2021

I underwent a vasectomy reversal on the 8th Jan 2020. I'm writing to let you know on 1st Feb this year, we had a baby girl picture attached.  I was hoping you could pass on our gratitude to Mr Swinn, we are so incredibly happy (albeit not sleeping much!!).
3 years post vasectomy, Georgia

February 2021

Six months today, Mr Swinn turned my life back round for me, and I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to him, and everyone involved in my care. 
It seems incredible now to imagine the state I was in, having endured pain continuously since end July 2019 after the vasectomy. My whole being was governed by pain, I struggled with every day routine, work was severely impacted, and my mood swings awful, then there was the terrible impact this was having on my wife. I was at the lowest point possible, I didn’t see a way out of this having had follow up procedures with little relief. My prospects were grim. 
That first call with you and then Mr Swinn phoned straight back that same afternoon, with encouraging prospects and being able to help me was immense, and gave me hope.
On the 1st August, Mr Swinn worked magic on me, putting me firmly on the road to recovery. 
My recovery has been steady, it took two to three months before I felt I was well on the mend, with month four being the real marker. Now at six months on, I am doing very well indeed. I have occasional discomfort if I over exert myself, biking is still no go, but I accept that happily knowing I’m improving all the time.
Please pass on our thanks to Mr Swinn, he has saved us, and I’m so grateful.
1 year post vasectomy, carried out for post vasectomy pain,  Herefordshire

June 2020

I had my reversal operation in January and me and my partner found out 2 months after the op that we are pregnant. We have just had our first dating scan and found out she is 9 weeks pregnant with twins.

I want to thank you and Dr swinn For his miracle work and for giving us something we thought we would never be able to have again.

He really is a miracle worker and would highly recommend him to anyone, we will be forever grateful to him and his team.

Many thanks

5 years post vasectomy, Sussex

June 2020

I had my reversal operation in January and me and my partner found out 2 months after the op that we are pregnant. We have just had our first dating scan and found out she is 9 weeks pregnant with twins.

I want to thank you and Dr swinn For his miracle work and for giving us something we thought we would never be able to have again.

He really is a miracle worker and would highly recommend him to anyone, we will be forever grateful to him and his team.

5 years post vasectomy, Sussex

________________________________________________________________________________________________May 2020

I must tell you that my husband is no longer suffereing from Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome for which we are indebited to you and Mr Swinn and the entire operative team.  Thank you for the relief of his pain.

3 years post vasectomy, Carried out for Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome , Italy,


January 2020

We are pleased to inform you that .... was born on the 19/01/2020 at 16.28 weighing 5lb 13 oz. As you will know the time that had passed since my vasectomy in the last 90's did reduce our chances and to be honest we thought that it wasn't going to happen after a couple of years since the reversal, despite monitoring ovulation. Nevertheless, we found that we were pregnant in April 2019!

Just wanted to let you know and thank you for your skill in helping us achieve our dreams.

Kind Regards and thank you.

18 years post vasectomy, Kent

January 2020. 

My partner and I came to you for a vasectomy reversal (I think) in 2013. After having his vasectomy nearly 10 years prior when in a previous relationship...we decided that we would would like to try to children in the future. The NHS wouldn’t help us with a reversal so with the support of my family, we found you; and based on your experience and success rate, you were our obvious choice. 

After a consultation, ... had the operation in the March and 3 months later had a positive result (sperm present), although mobility was low. We were told that this could increase in time however. We prayed this was the case. 

We decided that we didn’t want to try for children straight away and continued to save to purchase our first property. After moving into our home in October 2015, we began trying. To our delight and utter amazement, we found out we were expecting our first baby just a month later. After a 4 day labour, our beautiful daughter was born in August, happy and healthy. 

Move forward 2 years...we started trying for our second. Again...1 month later...another positive pregnancy test. Our baby boy was born June 2019. Another happy, healthy baby. On both occasions, we used ovulation kits, which clearly identified the best time to try and with both babies...we did it first time. 

We never expected to fall to quickly. We always talked about it likely taking time to fall pregnant, so to fall pregnant with both our babies in the first months of trying was beyond a miracle to us. 

I wanted to send you this email to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the absolute joy you have given us. All parents are grateful for their babies, but to us, they are just that little bit more special. Our little gifts. And for us, these gifts are because of you. 

Dr Swinn...thank you for our miracles. We have the family we always dreamed of because of you.

8 years post vasectomy, Kent

October 2019

 I just wanted to follow up to let you know that the reversal procedure was successful  as my wife and I are 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and happily expecting around April 12th next year.

5 years post vasectomy, USA

September 2019

By way of brief reminder, I was a patient of Mr Swinn last April. At that point it had been 16 years since my vasectomy, and I was 47 years of age. You called a few weeks later to let me know the results and they were far better than average and above the WHO averages. 
Mr Swinn was very succinct with his synopsis and with my partner being 37 we knew the odds were not the best despite my results.  I am pleased to tell you that at this point in time my partner is 5 months pregnant and carrying a beautiful baby boy. He’s due to be here at the end of jan 2020. 
Thank you so much. I wanted to be as sure as we could he before writing. 

15 years post vasectomy, London

August 2019

Just an update following my vasectomy reversal in May of this year. My fiancée is now expecting and our child is due in early April. 

There was no need for the follow up fertility check as we took a test prior to this. 

We want to thank you for the care I received and to your staff who looked after us both.

5 and half years post vasectomy, Surrey

August 2019

You operated on me in April and I was scheduled to have a follow-up analysis carried out last month. I’m very pleased to let you know there is no need, as ... and I attended her first mid-wife appointment this morning at her 8 week point.

We are both delighted!

Thank you very much and best wishes,

4 years post vasectomy, Sussex

May 2019

I have just recieved results back for the SA, which my results were quite high. I would like to thank you because we found out that we are currently 5 weeks pregnant after only 2 and a half months since the procedure. We never thought this would happen so quickly, or if ever, and we are truly greatful for Mr Swinns expertise! He has made a wish come true for me and my partner and we will be forever greatful! 

4 years post vasectomy, Surrey

March 2019

I just wanted to drop you line to let you know that following my successful reversal in August we are pleased to announce that we are now expecting our first child together!  Thank you so much for making this possible, you are your team at Spire were fantastic. 

10 years post vasectomy, Kent

February 2019

We wanted to share the news with you that I am 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! We are over the moon and ...  two sons are also very excited to be getting a baby sister. Please pass our thanks on to Mr Swinn, obviously this wouldn’t have been possible without him and we are ever so grateful. 

We hope you are both well and having a good weekend.

6 years post vasectomy, London

January 2019

We just wanted to let you know that we are pregnant. Very early days at 5 weeks, but we wanted you to know. 

7 years post vasectomy, Surrey

December 2018

My fiancé had his reversal on 1st August this year. I am delighted to let you know we are now pregnant. Baby will be due August 2019.

We are over the moon!

Thank you very much Mr Swinn

6 years post vasectomy, Essex

December 2018

You performed a vasectomy reversal on me in late September 2016. Please find attached a photograph of baby ... who was born yesterday.  You have made mine and my wife's dream come true. We would like to thank you and your team so much for making this happen (hopefully you'll be getting another email in 2 years time for our next child). 
4 years post vasectomy, Kent

October 2018

My husband had a vasectomy reversal under your care a few years ago at the spire Gatwick hospital and we hoped that the treatment was successful. 
We are just writing to let you know that we welcomed our baby into the world on Sunday morning. 
Please feel free to add this to your success rate figures. 
5 years post vasectomy, Sussex

October 2018

Just to pass on my huge thanks to Mr Swinn for his successful vasectomy reversal operation on my husband last October. 

I was pregnant by January and our beautiful fourth son  was born on 18/9. We are so thrilled. 

Thank you so much for the amazing gift of gorgeous .. !  We all adore him and he completes our family.

18 months post vasectomy, Kent

August 2018

My husband ... has a reversal done by you back in March 2015. His first results where quite poor but his second that we had done where extremely good and you could only fix one side.  Although we had been trying for some time nothing was happening so I went to a clinic to get myself tested to make sure everything was normal . The consultant there looked at ... sperm results and said she had never seen such good results from a versctomy reversal so when .... told her you could only fox one side she was even more amazed. 
However, it still took us time to conceive and I had a miscarriage this time last year but now we have a beautiful baby girl who was born on the 15th of July weighing a healthy 8lb 15oz. So thank you so much because with out your amazing work we wouldn’t have been blessed with our beautiful baby. 
6-7 years post vasectomy, Hants

June 2018

We just wanted to let you know the good news, my husband had his reversal operation in August 2016,  and after many months of trying and disappointment we are now pregnant! i am 7 weeks so far, so fingers crossed everything continues to go as planned. Many thanks.

9 years post vasectomy, Sussex

June 2018

You may remember that I had my vasectomy reversal the 2nd of May and I have the great pleasure of informing you that my wife is already 5 weeks pregnant. We did not follow strictly the recommended guideline for abstinence post surgery and we had sex only 10 days after the reversal and she got pregnant as a result. We are extremely happy and can not thank you enough for your talent and surgical skills.  Otherwise I am recovering well, barely had any significant pain or bruising and the scar is very well healed. 

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of months for the follow up appointment.

 Re-do vasectomy reversal, 15 years post vasectomy, 6 years post 1st vasectomy reversal, Surrey

May 2018
Just a quick note to let you know that after 4 months of trying my partner is pregnant and now at 8 weeks.
Thank you and Mr Swinn for everything.
 3 years post vasectomy, Cambridgeshire

April 2018

We just wanted to let you know that only a few months after my husband's reversal, we had the fantastic news of becoming pregnant. I am 16 weeks pregnant now, and it would not have been possible if it wasn't for the great team and Mr Swinn at the spire Gatwick. We still have to pinch ourselves and cannot wait for our miracle bundle of joy. Thank you all so much.

 12 years post vasectomy, Sussex

March 2018

In August 2015 you carried out the surgery for my husband's vasectomy reversal.  We are delighted to tell you that our beautiful boy arrived on the 19th January 2018 weighing 6ib 9oz .... we cannot thank you enough for making that possible.  We want to say a big thank you to the whole team at Gatwick Spire Hospital for excellent care.

6 years post vasectomy, Essex

March 2018

After Michael did my vasectomy last year, all was successful and we have had our little boy. 

 1 and half years post vasectomy, Surrey


February 2018

Following my procedure on 20 September 2017, I am very pleased to inform you that my wife is 8 weeks' pregnant. I would like to thank Dr Swinn for delivering an excellent and (almost!) pain free service in every sense, which has already resulted in our happy news. 
Many thanks once again,
 5 years post vasectomy, Surrey

October 2017

We are delighted to introduce our baby girl, .. who arrived 27th of July around lunchtime weighing in at an impressive 9lbs14oz.
I send you a picture of our beautiful daughter that we adore so much. Thank you for everything. 

We need to talk about the reversal that I need. I’ll call you in the beginning of September. If you could confirm the latest pricing then I can discuss this with my wife. 

Thank you for everything Michael.
 9-10 years post vasectomy , Surrey

September 2017

I seem to remember that you wanted to keep track of your vasectomy reversal successes. Shelley and I are happy to let you know about ..., born a few weeks ago all happy any healthy (pic attached) - it took a good few cycles and one early miscarriage to get there, but we got there.

 18 months post vasectomy, Sussex

August 2017

I would to give Mr Swinn an update, my wife is now 15 weeks pregnant so we are very happy thanks to you and your team.

 23 years post vasectomy, Ireland

July 2017

BW had his vasectomy reversal by Mr Swinn on the 21st December 2016 at Gatwick Spire Hopsital after 9/10 years after vasectomy. Operation went well and  recovered in good time with minimal discomfort. We both were looked after exceptionally well by the hospital staff.

We are writing to let you know that we are currently just over 6 weeks pregnant, baby due February 2018 and have had a private pregancy scan yesterday evening. We actually confirmed the pregancy before the results of sperm test our GP performed...all came back normal with no issue.
We really want to thank Mr Swinn for his expert knowledge, amazing skill and making our dream come true.
Thankyou so much
 9 years post vasectomy, Sussex

April 2017

Just thought we'd let you know the good news that we're pregnant with twins! We had the procedure done called ICSI, without your help, this would not have been possible!
Thank you!!
 16 years post vasectomy, Surrey

April 2017

In Jan last year you carried out a vasectomy reversal on my husband.  We wanted to let you know that 2 weeks ago we gave birth to a healthy little girl. 

We are so grateful for your expertise and for making our dreams come true. We are truly blessed, and that is partly down to your skills.

Thank you so much for making it possible.

 3 and half years post vasectomy, London

February 2017

Just to let you know  that my girlfriend is 5 weeks pregnant.

10 years post vasectomy, Surrey (only one testicle)

February 2017

Just to let you know that the operation I had with you on the 11th of May 2016 was successful my wife is 15 weeks pregnant so only took 6 months thank you so so much for given us the chance of completing our family

2 years post vasectomy, London

Dec 2016

Baby ... arrived safely on 11th December 2016.
Many thanks for your help. Reversal April 2014. Natural conception.
3 years post vasectomy, Bucks

Dec 2016

Just wanted to let you know that we have had another successful conception and delivery of a beautiful baby boy who was born on 07 Dec 2016 weighing 7lb 2oz.
He joins his older brother  who is now 2 years old.
We have been meaning to let you know  baby ...  was on his way for months, life is so busy with a toddler!
 23 post vasectomy, East Sussex

Nov 2016

Im very pleased that, just 4 months after the operation, we found out that my partner is 6/7 weeks pregnant. An amazing result and we are very very pleased with this. Thank you so much with all your help and advice.  

Keep you posted when we have more news in about 7/8 months
10 years post vasectomy, Surrey

Nov 2016

Just to let you know that our (re-do) vasectomy reversal miracle son was born on October 29th at 2:02am.
We will forever be grateful to your skills as a surgeon for succeeding where others failed in extending our family.
Thank you from all of us.
 2 years post vasectomy, 1 year post failed vasectomy reversal performed elsewhere, 

September 2016

Please accept this email as confirmation that we are expecting. EDD 22.12.16. All going ok so far at 25 weeks.
DV had his reversal in April 2014, therefore pregnancy occurred naturally just within 2 years.
 3 years post vasectomy, Bucks

July 2016

I wanted to write to let you know that, following my procedure, my wife has fallen pregnant.  In fact, she is 8 weeks pregnant and we have established that the date of conception was around 6 weeks after the operation.

Although somewhat surprised with a result so soon, we are thrilled that the reversal has worked, and we would like to sincerely thank you for having performed the surgery which has allowed us to get to this point.

 6 years post vasectomy, Kent

June 2016

I am dropping you a quick email to let you know that following my procedure with you on 27th April 2016 my partner has fallen pregnant. She took a test on Friday and the test has indicated that she is 1-2 weeks pregnant. Based on the date of her last cycle the doctor has worked out that she is 3-4 weeks.

Obviously I wanted you to know so that you can update your records and so that your stats can be updated. Secondly it was to thank you so much for what has turned out to be a very successful procedure. We never dreamt of falling pregnant within 6 weeks of the procedure.

As discussed with Lesley I will still be attending an appointment after the 3 months to get my sperm count assessed.

Thank you again on behalf of both myself and my partner.
 9 years post vasectomy, Kent

June 2016
As discussed earlier my wife is almost 10 weeks pregnant following the reversal operation in December.
Please pass on our sincere thanks to Mr Swinn and all of the team!
3 years post vasectomy, Surrey

June 2016

It seems such a long time ago now but you kindly opened your clinic during the May bank holiday weekend back in 2010 and reversed my vasectomy. The operation was performed at the Gatwick Spire clinic.
Well it has been a long road since, which included one failed pregnancy, but I am happy to report that my wife delivered our son  (9 pounds) last Wednesday at the Al Ahli Hospital, Doha, Qatar. Mother and baby are doing well. 
Both ....and myself would like to thank you so much for your help. We could not have done this without your wonderful surgical skills.
2 years post vasectomy, Qatar

April 2016
My husband and I came to you in November 2014 to discuss a vasectomy reversal. .. had had the vasectomy done 11 years prior and after 2 failed rounds of IVF, ... came in for the procedure, which you carried in February 2015.

We were delighted to find out that I fell pregnant in July 2015, I was pregnant before ... results came back to see if the operation had worked! 

We welcomed our little girl, into the world on the 2nd March 2016 weighing just 5lb 2.5 oz's, after a slightly rocky start for both ... & I, all is now well and ... is now 12 weeks old and growing rapidly.

Both ... & I would like to thank you for your amazing work!!
11 years post vasectomy, Kent

April 2016
I am writing following my vasectomy reversal operation carried out on 16th December, 2015.
The operation went smoothly and I didn't have much pain after the operation at all.
I recently had a sperm test and received a phone call on the 19th of April 2016 to inform myself and my partner that the operation had been successful and that I had a sperm count of 14 million/ml and 24% active swimming sperm which I was really relieved to hear.
On Sunday 24th of April my partner did a pregnancy test and we have found out that she is approximately 2 weeks pregnant!  Words cannot express just how happy we both are!  Obviously we are in the very early stages of pregnancy so we are not sharing our news far and wide until further down the line but we are staying positive and will keep you updated of further news.
I would like to personally thank Mr Swinn for carrying out a successful operation and to his secretary for always being available and efficient in keeping me informed.  I can honestly say that I was not very optimistic about the chances of success as I am very much a realist but we are both amazed at the success and speed of resulting pregnancy.
This is simply the best news I have ever had and both myself and my partner are hoping to soon be parents in approximately mid January 2017!
Thank you so much....you have brought us the best gift we could ever have dreamt of....
 6 years post vasectomy, Rochester

March 2016

We are both so excited  to tell you that after having you carrying out  a vasectomy reversal (post vasectomy 6.5 years)  on the 22nd August 2015 my wife is 8 weeks pregnant. (estimated conceived on the  22nd Jan 2016) . Its an absolute miracle really that  so soon after the procedure and healing period you gave us this chance ! It is  still early days but a recent  early scan showed a standard  foetus development  with heart beat & good circulation. 
The whole process  organised by yourselves and delivered through the hospital staff was exceptional . 
We shall keep you posted on the pregnancy term   but with regards to  your part in this it  was a complete success and for that we are truly grateful. 

 6.5 years post vasectomy, Surrey

March 2016
We thought you might like an update from ... operation in August last year. The 3 month analysis showed occasional non-progressive and immotile sperm, which was in our case better than a zero! The six month analysis we cancelled because I am currently 8 weeks pregnant! Although it is very early stages we thought you would like to know. Although we don't have official numbers ... numbers have been doubling every fours weeks, so the operation was not only a technical success but a pregnancy success, and we cannot thank you enough for your skill involved, we certainly weren't expecting results like this, so it is testament to you.
Thank you again for giving us another chance to expand our family, we will be forever grateful.
3 years post vasectomy, Surrey

March 2016
We just wanted to write to you to say a very big Thank you!  My partner  ....came on the 7th October 2015 to your hospital for a vasectomy reversal! We felt very welcomed and for what it was we had a pleasant experience. The level of care was amazing but most importantly so were your surgical skills! We received a very exciting phone call and letter from yourself 3 months later ( after giving a sample) informing us that the reversal had been a success!! 
We are now delighted to inform you that only 4 months after the operation we are 6 weeks pregnant!!!!! :-) 
We can't honestly thank you enough for everything and for giving us something we only dreamed of!!   You are fantastic and quite literally a miracle worker!

We will keep you posted, all being well and let you know when our little one arrives! 
Thank you again!
6 years post vasectomy, Sussex

February 2016

Just to let you know that following the vasectomy reversal procedure in October we are happy to confirm that .. is approx 7 weeks pregnant.

Although still early days just wanted to say thanks for your help

 14 years post vasectomy, Sussex

February 2016
We would like to say a BIG thank you as we are now expecting the birth of our baby.  Your operation obviously worked!! We will send you a picture when the baby arrives (due in September).
 4 vasectomy years ago, Bucks

February 2016
My partner and I wanted to pass on our huge thanks after the birth of our beautiful son on 14/12/15, weighing in at 8lb 10 oz. He's a very healthy baby growing very rapidly.  I had the Vasectomy Reversal on 30/07/14, which was 4 years post Vasectomy.  We were so pleased with the support and care offered by Dr Swinn and his team. We feel blessed that we had the opportunity to start a new family together, a little later in life. We also have 4 very happy brothers and sisters who all love and adore their new sibling.
Thank you from us all.

 4 years post vasectomy, Kent
February 2016
Apologise I have not got around to emailing you and your team sooner.
You carried out a reversal on my partner  on the 1st August 2012, I remember that you said afterwards that it was a complicated reversal due to how the original vasectomy had been carried out. ... was approx 11 years post vasectomy.
In August 2014 we conceived and our gorgeous baby boy was born 17th April 2015. He is so so precious to us and to all of our family and we cant thank you enough for all that you and your team did for us.
Couple of pics for you of when he was born and him now!
Best Wishes to you and all of your team and thank you again.
 11 years post vasectomy, Kent

January 2016

We are pleased to announce the arrival on planet earth of  .........

Born   13th  January 2016 at 11:02 GMT

Weight   3.94 kgs

Mother and baby are doing well.

 25 years post vasectomy, Ghana

January 2016

Just a quick email to let you know, that following ... reversal surgery in April 2015, we are going to be the proud parents of a little daughter due May 2016!! (Conceived August 2015)

We would both like to send huge thanks for making this possible.  Hope you have a fantastic 2016, and thank you for helping to make our 2016 one to remember.

7 years post vasectomy, Kent

January 2016

We wanted to write to tell you our successful reversal news.

Our daughter turned 1 in November 2015, following my reversal in Feb 2014, yes she was conceived within the first month of my reversal, we actually worked out, it was exactly 2 weeks after my op. We were obviously delighted and a little bit in shock of how quickly it happened, but is a delight to us and her older siblings.

My original vasectomy was just under 3 years prior to my reversal.

We can't thank you enough.

3 years post vasectomy, Surrey

 December 2015

This is a picture of ... born 30th November 2015.  He was conceived a year after .. reversal.  You may remember us we are two nurses from St Thomas'.  ...  was a challenging op for you as he had a lot of scar tissue. So thank you very much.  His sperm count at 6 months was 9 million but as you said it only takes 1 !!!  Thank you for your help.

13 years post vasectomy, Surrey

December 2015

We are delighted to report that our much-loved daughter was born at the Royal Sussex Hospital at 00.47 on the 28th November 2015, one year and two days after my vasectomy reversal at Gatwick Spire. .... weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 4oz and has continued to thrive over the last 12 days, passing all relevant tests along the way.
To say that we are overjoyed would be an understatement to say the least.
Thank you and your staff so much for this life-changing opportunity which we could never have imagined possible, we would certainly recommend your services to anyone we meet.
22 years post vasectomy, East Sussex

July 2015

You performed a reversal operation on me about 2 years ago, it was a great success and we had a baby boy.
I am delighted to tell you that my wife ... is 13 weeks pregnant again and we are having baby number two!!
Thank you so much for making our dream come true Twice!!!

I will send a scan pic for your records.

 2 and half years post vasectomy, Kent 

July 2015

Hi I hope this email gets to doctor swinn my name is LB and I had a reversal in September 2014 I would just like to share our delightful news that our son was born on the 25/06/2015 his name is ... I would also like to take the opportunity to thank doctor swinn for giving me the opportunity to father another child you have given me the best present anybody could give thank you with all my heart this is a picture of my little miracle. many thanks from US both.

13 years post vasectomy, Bucks

June 2015

I was going through some correspondence this morning and found an old letter I received from you back in 2009. It then dawned on me that I had never e-mailed you to thank you so much for our beautiful son who was born nearly three years ago now! (it’s all been a blur)

When I came to you in 2009 I had a vasectomy 8 years earlier, you informed me that there was a 60% chance of the operation working, well work it did. Our son ...  was born on the 25/08/2012.

Sorry I’m so late informing you, we can never thank you enough for your brilliant work.

Kind regards    

8 years post vasectomy, Middlesex

June 2015

Hi wonderful people

This time around we have made it to a scan and all is looking good. (see attached)

Thank you

 25 years post vasectomy, Ghana

June 2015

Good evening, I'm just informing you that my husband .... who was a patient of yours 2 and half years ago and I are pregnant, My LMP was 12/4/15. I thought you'd like to know for your records.  Thank you so much we are both very grateful.

6 years post vasectomy, Berks 

April 2015

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be writing this email when I first met you last October…...

Following my Vasectomy reversal at the end of November 2014, I got the results of my sperm test/count from you last month (March 2015) which were amazingly very encouraging; especially considering my age (55), the length of time since my vasectomy (20+ years) and the circumstances under which the original vasectomy was performed (Army field hospital). 

My partner has been using the contraception pill for many years and has just hit the age of 40, and came off it only at the time of the procedure - something else which counted against us having any chance of conceiving.

I/we are really delighted and stunned to inform you that my partner has now fallen pregnant and is considered to be by those in the know, at about the 8 week stage.

We both realise there is a long way with many potential pitfalls to go before being the proud parents we want to be but we thought that you ought to be the first to know (secret to everyone else until at least the 12 week stage). As you advised, I am planning to freeze a sperm sample for future use if necessary.

We cannot thank you enough for your efforts in what was a pain-free, comfortable and astonishing procedure. My treatment from start to finish was first class and all members of staff at the Gatwick Park Hospital should be proud of their attitudes and achievements.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience should you require any further information or updates.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you well for the future.

2 years post vasectomy,   Surrey

February 2015

An amazingly fantastic fandabolous good morning to you all!

This morning we have two lines on a pregnancy test! !!!!!!! (LMP 22 JANUARY)

Ok... It is early days (minutes)... and we will wait a bit and see how it goes. .. but AMAZING!  THANK YOU!

We will be in the UK again in April.

Must run around and be mega excited now!

Thank you again and again!

25 years post vasectomy, Ghana

January 2015

You carried out a vasectomy reversal for me in June 2012 and asked that we keep you advised of any pregnancies. I am pleased to advise that my wife .. is expecting our first baby on the 16th January 2015 following a successful round of ICSI treatment. 

We are both delighted. Thank you for all your help and advice.

 11 years post vasectomy, Essex

December 2014

Thank you so much for helping us to have our precious baby!  .... born in India on 11.12.13 as a result of Mr Swinn's excellent work.

17 years post vasectomy, Essex

December 2014

As promised here is an up date regarding baby ......   ... was born on the 8 Dec at Princess Royal in Haywards Heath at 13.28 weighing 7ib 2 ounces. He is beautiful healthy baby.

Thanks again 

23 years post vasectomy, East Sussex

November 2014

I just wanted to follow up after my reversal operation on the 1st October.  My wife has had two positive pregnancy tests.

Obviously it is still very early days however I just wanted to thank you as it's really a rather brilliant piece of news after a few months of nothing but bad news.  We were not expecting anything to really happen until the new year (after the 3 months) however it would appear things are working.

Thank you for seeing me so quickly after our initial consultation and do pass on my thanks to all the staff there as they were all brilliant. 

9 months post vasectomy, Surrey

November 2014

My partner had a reversal with Mr Swinn in July 2014.  Just to let you know that we are over the moon to say that I am 4 wks pregnant it's early dys yet but so happy. Would like to thank you and Mr  Swinn and his team.  We will keep you posted at how we go over the next few months 

Ps we never even got to do the test.
vasectomy 12 years ago, Buckinghamshire

November 2014

I had a vasectomy reversal procedure performed by Mr Swinn in December 2012 and this little treasure was born 31st November 2014. A little girl named .... (my 5th daughter). 

Just to say thank you from us all. If you need any further information or we can be of any help let me know. 

So many thanks in helping achieve our dream. Such a professional service from start to finish that inspired me with confidence.
vasectomy 12 years ago, Kent

November  2014
Our little baby girl... was born on 23rd of October. We thought you'd be very pleased to know that the surgery worked and we have this little miracle as a result. Thank you so much for your help, I'm sure ... will be back soon for a second vasectomy.
Best regards,
vasectomy 5 years ago, Sussex

October 2014 
I underwent reversal surgery in Aug 2013 and I am happy to confirm that ...., my fiancee is 14 weeks pregnant.  It all happened quite quickly as given our work situations we still used contraception until May this year.  We have completed the first scan and all looks normal.
We are both delighted and thank you for making this possible.
vasectomy 2 years ago, Twickenham

October 2014
It's been a while since I emailed you in January. 
Thought you and Mr Swinn would like to hear that ... gave birth to our gorgeous little son, ..., on 6th August, weighing 7lb 1oz. 
To say we're proud and utterly exhilarated is an understatement. We could not have wished for better news. 
Please would you pass on our heartfelt thanks to Mr Swinn. We are forever indebted to his kindness, expertise and patience. Thank you. 
vasectomy 22 years ago, Wiltshire

September 2014

... was born on Wednesday 3rd September 2014!!!  10lb 2oz so he was a big boy!!!!  ...  gave birth to him in the Oasis suite at The princess royal hospital.... had no pain relief!!   The birth became very traumatic as ... was a shoulder dystocia birth.   The midwives and team were amazing, both ... and ... are at home and are doing well. Again thank you so much for helping us have our miracle son! 

2 and half years post vasectomy, Kent

September 2014

For your information my partner is now 16 weeks gone.


vasectomy 2 and half years agon,  London 

Aug 2014

We are 4 weeks away from having our baby the miracle you made possible. We will send you a picture of our baby when he/she is born.This is a picture taken last week at a scan we had in Harley street.

Thank you so much.

A very excited

2 and half years post vasectomy, Kent

June 2014

Looks like we won’t be needing this test after all because we’ve just learned that .... is pregnant! Early days of course but it would appear everything is working exactly as it should.

Thank you.

1 year post vasectomy, Surrey

June 2014

You and your team performed my vasectomy reversal on 30 Jan 2013 and I am delighted to let you know my wife has conceived and is now 12 weeks pregnant. We attended the 1st scan on Tuesday and were told the baby is due on 12 Dec 2014.

Considering I had my vasectomy more than 23 years ago I feel very happy and privileged to be a new dad and ... is absolutely delighted.

Our sincere thanks and best wishes to you.
23 years post vasectomy, East Sussex

April 2014

We just wanted to say a massive thank you. As you can see the operation was a definate success and our beautiful baby boy is due on 1st July. We can't wait to meet him. Thank you for making this possible.

 9 years post vasectomy, Surrey

April 2014

Mr Swinn performed a vasectomy reversal on my partner DF in December 2012. We are delighted to let you know that I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. Please pass on our sincere thanks. 

13 years post vasectomy, Kent

March 2014

I'm sure you will be delighted to hear that our absolutely miraculous little daughter has arrived! Baby ... took us a little by surprise and arrived a little early at just over 36 weeks on the 10th March 2014 weighing in at 5lb 15oz. All was very well up until delivery when she decided she would put us through the agony of not responding for a very long six minutes whilst she was resuscitated but eventually decided to give in and utter her first little cry. She has gone from strength to strength and is now 16 days old and a true delight.
Both .... and I can't thank you enough for enabling us to have our wonderful little girl. She is our little miracle baby and if it wasn't for your incredible expertise and skill she wouldn't be here.
Again, many many thanks and warmest wishes to you.

 8 years post vasectomy, Surrey

 March 2014

I was going to come in for a semen analysis 3 months after you operated on me but almost to that date ...  advised me she was pregnant! I was a little disappointed as I had hoped and expected much more "practise" at the conception than just a couple of efforts! Congratulations to you and of course my thanks for getting this old torso to work again. Out son was born two weeks late on 6 March but he is a bonny little chap keeping both mum and dad awake most of the night! We have registered him .... but everybody calls him .... and that seems to have stuck.

It does mean your success graph lifts a notch as at 56 and 15 years since the vasectomy I was an outside bet for success. Thank you so very much and my kindest regards.

15 years post vasectomy, Surrey

March 2014

I’m writing to you because you have performed a vasectomy reversal to my fiancee SH in July 2012 and asked us to let you know when / if I got pregnant. I am very pleased to say that after 15 months trying naturally I got pregnant, even when my ovarian reserve is much lower than my 39 years of age (as I’ve been told by fertility doctors).

I am now almost 9 weeks pregnant and we have already heard the heartbeat, it all seems to be going very well and I can’t thank you enough for your help. We couldn’t be happier!

Thanks again for the fantastic job you’ve done, this baby means so much to us!

Kind regards,

 5 years post vasectomy, Sussex

March 2014

Just a quick email to let you know .. is 13 weeks

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