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Costs at The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

An initial face to face consultation in clinic is £150 but there is no charge for a telephone appointment.

It is generally better for men considering a vasectomy reversal to have a face to face consultation and examination with Mr Swinn beforehand. This is so that any anatomical problems such as a spermatocoele or fibrosis can be identified preoperatively as these can affect the success rate. Also, issues such as sperm extraction and cryopreservation (freezing) can be discussed.

Patients' partners are very welcome to attend the consultation. In fact, Mr Swinn positively encourages it.

For those travelling from abroad or from long distances within the UK, it is not always practicable to attend the hospital beforehand and if this is the case, then a (free) telephone consultation can be arranged.

To arrange a free telephone consultation, please telephone Lesley on 01737 238356, or you can email her at

                            info@vasectomyreversalclinic.co.uk   or    secretaryswinn@yahoo.co.uk

The total cost of a microsurgical reversal of vasectomy at The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic is £4320. However, there is an additional charge of £160 if you prefer to stay overnight.

This is a "package price" which is inclusive of every aspect of the procedure from start to finish, even if it is a redo, and even if a vasoepididymostomy is required, ie it includes:

  • the surgeon's fee
  • the anaesthetist's fee
  • the hospital fee
  • use of the surgical theatre including operating microscope
  • semen analysis at 3 months post surgery
  • follow up consultation

No deposit is required to secure a procedure date.  Full payment is usually required 72 hours prior to the date of the procdure.  No extra charge is made to pay by credit card.

Finance plans

For patients wishing to apply for a medical loan we have partnered up with Omni Capital Retail Finance. Applications are applied for and processed online only, using a valid email address.

After you have been given a fixed package price for private treatment here you would then need to visit our website at: www.spirehealthcare.com/finance

 First you will need to fill in the ‘Treatment price’ quoted and then adjust the ‘deposit’ amount and ‘loan period’ that suits you, clicking ‘Update quote’ every time an adjustment is made.

Once you are happy with the ‘Monthly payments’ shown next select ‘Check eligibility’ where you will need to fill in your:

  • Personal details
  • Valid email address
  • Contact number/s
  • Current address
  • Bank details
  • Employment details

After you ‘Submit eligibility details’ this will then advise if you are eligible to apply for a loan with Omni Capital Retail Finance. Please note that this step checks your eligibility only, it does not start the application process.

When you are ready to apply for a medical loan with Omni Capital Retail Finance please contact Spire Gatwick Park Hospital Self-pay team on 01293 778 906 to start the online application process. You will need to provide the Self-pay team with confirmation of your: 

  • Valid email address
  • Loan period you have decided to opt for
  • Your total treatment price
  • Deposit amount you have decided to opt for

Once the online application process has been started you would then need to liaise direct with Omni Capital Retail Finance for updates on 0808 189 2297. The team are open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm.

For further information please do also visit our website for Medical loans FAQs:



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